Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science homework assignment grader information page. If you are interested in grading assigments for the department for Academic Year 2014-2015, please fill out the information below.

NOTE: All students are encouraged to apply, but priority will be given to students with work study funds.

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Mathematical Background

Please check those courses below for which you feel qualified to grade homework assignments.

NOTE: Depending on the particular course schedule, graders may or may not be needed for all of the following courses for a particular semester.

Your Course Grade**
MATH 122: College Algebra
MATH 125: Precalculus
MATH 165: Modern Topics in Mathematics           
MATH 207: General Elementary Statistics
MATH 221: Math for Elementary Teachers I
MATH 226: Calculus I
MATH 227: Calculus II
MATH 228: Calculus III

** It is not necessary for you to have taken a specific course to be a homework grader for that course, but if you have taken the course please enter your most recent course grade since this helps us in part evaluate whether we feel you would be successful.

Please comment on your mathematical background at Pacific in the box below.

Confidentiality Statement: This information will be kept confidential within the department and is used for evaluation purposes only.